A list of sites run by departments and groups within EETD.

updated 2016-06-08

Apartment Retrofits
Alan Meier Group
Arsenic Removal for Bengladesh

Building Energy Data Exchange Specification
Behavior Analytics
BEST-Dairy: Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Tool for the Dairy Industry
BEST-Winery: Energy and Water Use Benchmarking Tool for the Wine Industry
LBL Bicycling Coalition
Building Materials Pathways Model
Building Airflow
Building Microgrids
Building Technologies and Urban Systems Division

California Energy Commission Energy Aware Planning Guide
Carbon Dioxide Study
Carbon Footprint Study
U.S. China Clean Energy Research Center: Building ENergy Efficiency Constorium
U.S. - China Climate Change Working Group: Smart Cities Initiative
Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions
China Energy Group
Comfort Controls
Commercial Buildings Systems Division
Commissioning (Residential)
Cookstove Projects for Darfur, Haiti, Ethiopia and Mongolia
Commissioning Buildings

Darfur Stoves Project
Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers
Center of Expertise for Energy Efficiency in Data Centers - Workshop
Distributed Energy Resources
Distribution Grid Research
Driving Demand for Home Energy Improvements
Demand Response Research Center
Ducts: Residential Duct Systems

ETA Seminars
ETA News
Energy Efficiency Standards Group
Efficient Networks
Energy Information Systems Materials
Electrochemical Technologies Group
Electronics, Lighting & Markets Group
Elton Cairns Group
Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division
Energy Storage and Distributed Resources Division
Energy Technologies Area
ETA Safety
Electricity Markets & Policy Group
Energy Storage & Distributed Resources
Energized Learning
Energy Benchmarking
Energy Maps
Evan Mills Research Group

Building Fašades: Low Energy, High-Performance
Financing Energy Efficiency (Electricity Markets & Policy Group)
Fault-Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery
Flexlab Facility (Building Efficiency Test Bed)

Grid Integration Group

Hugo Destaillats Research Group
Heat Island Research Group
Healthy, Efficient New Gas Homes
High-Performance Buildings for High-Tech Industries
Residential Building Systems (Building Technologies and Urban Systems Division)
Healthy Zero-Energy Buildings

Indoor Air Quality: Scientific Findings Resource Bank
International Conference on Carbonaceous Particles in the Atmosphere (2015)
International Energy Studies Group (Energy Analysis & Environmental Impacts Division)
Indoor Environment Department Publications
Indoor Environment Department
Industrial Innovations
Insurance: Greening of Insurance

Lumina Project
LBNL Institute for Globally Transformative Technologies

Nordman Research Group

Resaveguide: Ventilation Guide for New and Existing California Homes

Science Camp
Secure Buildings: Advice for Safeguarding Buildings Against Chemical or Biological Attack
Industrial Sensor Development
Sustainable Energy Systems Group (Energy Analysis and Environmental Impacts Division)
Sustainable Federal Operations Group
Simulation Research Group (Building Technologies and Urban Systems Division)
Smart Response: Smart Grid 101
Standby Power
Save Power Simulator

Team D: Laser Technologies Group

Vehicle Grid Research
Ventilation (Residential)

Windows and Envelope Materials Group